Windows 10, what a mess so far…

Windows 10 has just been released and far to many question marks have been pointed out already… let’s see why (at least for now) Windows 10 is a no-no for companies and private users who have important data stored on their computers.

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C code snippet to measure function execution time for both Linux and Mac OS X

In this article we’ll see how to write a simple yet effective code in C language to measure the time required to process a function. This code has been written to be  compiled without changes on both Linux-GCC and Mac OS X GCC compiler.

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System Calls (Part I)

Syscalls are the way a Software Application Program can interact with the underlining Operating System, everything from displaying a character on the screen to reading a file from the harddrive will generate syscalls. In this post we’ll analyse syscalls in details with examples on different CPU architectures and Operating Systems.

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