My Public Software Repositories

Source Code

All my public and Open Source code is on GitHub (links below). It’s divided mostly between two GitHub’s organisations. If you are looking for ready to install, pre-packaged software or Virtual Machines projects please look further down this page, thanks!


My personal profile on, I do not use it very much, however it’s useful if you want to follow me there:

Most of my open source code is in the two following repositories on github:

ZFP Systems

Platform: All Platforms (Linux, macOS, OpenWRT, Kali, others)

Architecture: All Architectures (x86, x86_64, ARM32, ARM64, 6809, 68000 and more), sources in C, Assembly, Bash, Python and other languages

RISC OS Community

Platform: RISC OS

Architecture: ARM32 (AArch32), sources in C and Assembly

Packaged Software


Platform: Linux / x86_64 using RPM package format

<coming soon>

Platform: Linux / x86_64 using DEB package format

<coming soon>

Platform: Linux / ARM AArch64 using DEB

<coming soon>


Platform: RISC OS / ARM AArch32/ARM32 using RiscPkg.

Links in this section are for RiscPkg package manager.

To add my RiscPkg repositories to your PackMan:

    1. Run !PackMan on your RISC OS system
    2. Make sure you have installed first !CaCertificates from your !PackMan. (if you have just installed it then go to !Boot -> Resources -> and double click on !CaCertificates to make sure it has been seen by the Filer!)
    3. Copy and paste one of the links below into your !PackMan -> Sources list (you can find it by clicking the middle mouse button on the !PackMan’s icon on the iconbar and then click on the appropriate menu option)
    4. Then click on the !PackMan menu option “Update Lists” and you’re done!

Please follow the procedure above to the letter because my RISC OS repositories are secured and use HTTPS, so they won’t work with !PackMan otherwise! This is for your safety and protection.

Stable Releases (all ARM CPUs AArch26/AArch32), recommended for all users:

Unstable/Testing (all ARM CPUs AArch26/AArch32), don’t use it unless you want to beta-test my code:

For anyone interested in coding on RISC OS: I have created an GitHub’s organisation ( RISC OS Community ) which contains all my (and others) repos and sources (mostly in C, but there are also sources in other programming languages):

If you are seeking for Open Source code for RISC OS or for your RISC OS projects, a place to share your sources and collaborate, coding tutorials or you want to help/contribute existing projects please check it out, everyone is welcome!

Virtual Machines

Vagrant auto-builds

Platform: Linux all Architectures (x86, x86_64, ARM32, ARM64)