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If you’d like to contact me directly, please use the form here below.  Please be patient since I am pretty busy almost all the time! So, I may not be “the Flash” to answer you. However, I do my best to check all the messages and try to answer to everyone.

Please note: I strongly encourage everyone with technical questions to ask them in the comments section (which you can find below each article) instead of using this contact form. The reason why I ask you this is because by using the comments section more readers will benefit from the answers while I won’t need to answer the same question multiple times! Thank you  🙂

Before you send anything: Please do not send me links / articles / documents / ads to share. Apologies, but I do not have time to review your material (and that is also because I receive quite a lot of requests). Secondly I cannot endorse companies and/or entities I do not personally know and work (or have worked) with. So all requests of sharing and publishing 3rd parties stuff from entities I do not personally know will be ignored.