Let’s play with commutable memory on Thomson MO6 and Olivetti Prodest PC 128 microcomputers

In the previous article of this series on Vintage Computing we saw how memory was organised on the Thomson MO6 and the Olivetti Prodest PC 128 8bit microcomputers. In this article we’ll put some concepts to practice and have some fun with the commutable memory.

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Memory Management on the MO6 and Olivetti Prodest PC 128

In this 2nd article about Vintage Computing we’ll explore in details how memory was organised and mapped on the Thomson MO6 and the Olivetti Prodest PC 128.

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How to install Thomson MO5, MO6, TO7, TO8, TO9 and Olivetti Prodest PC 128 emulator on Windows, Apple Mac, Linux and BSD

I have seen a resurgence of interest in vintage computing. Since I used many of these old and amazing systems when I started my never-ending learning about Software Development and Computer Science, I decided to start a small series of how-tos, helping those interested in learning how to develop code for vintage computers.

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